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Leidsin ühe inglisekeelse blogi, kus kommenteerivad teemat inimesed, kes on ktisepiimast võid proovinud teha...kiirkorras olgu välja võetud üks jupige:

"Ok, I do have Nigerians- 4 does right now, 3 of which are pregnant. And Aimee, according to the ADGA's breed averages, Nigerians have the highest butter fat, at 6.6%, while Nubians have 4.8%. They also have a higher protein percentage at 4.3% versus 3.7%.

I can attest that the goat cream does rise to the top, but very, very little of it. On a quart jar, I had less than 1/4 inch.

Also, I must say that I detest goat milk from the store; it doesn't taste nearly as good as the stuff that comes out of my Nala's udder. You have to treat the milk properly to get it to taste good. Keep it clean, and get it chilled as soon after it comes out of the udder as possible- some people use a container of ice in the milk pail. Also, it should be consumed with in a week- our milk only lasted about a day so far, because we like it so much."


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